Dark DNA

Dark DNA is – like the dark matter in the universe – something we know is there, but cannot be detected, here with a biological link. The title refers to the works in the exhibition that revolve around underlying connections and hidden context.

A correlation between our bodies and the universe is, for example, that the iron that makes our blood red was created in a star explosion. The blood thus connects us not only to other people through biological ties, cycles and maternity. Our bodies are also part of a whole like everything else around us. Everything is made of the same materials, the building blocks of all.

Blood, stone, wood and the dark are themes and materials that are repeted and combined in different ways in both prints, sculptures and collected objects.

Prints, from aquatint to photogravure and woodcut, connect biological events with events in the universe, while a series of text-based linoleum prints with a psycological content deals with blood ties.

The exhibition’s spatial works focus on material compositions and combine materials processed by man with materials processed by nature to investigate a comparison between the creativity of nature and art.

The exhibition was shown in Staldgade 74, Copenhagen and is supported by the Danish Art Workshops.

Read author Helene Johanne Christensens’ essay on the exhibition, published on IDoArt.dk here.