Extend over so as to cover partly

Extend over so as to cover partly
A collaborative exhibition by Maria Michailidou, Ulla Eriksen and Mette Borup Kristensen
Kunsthal ved siden af, Svendborg 2018.

On the floor in Kunsthal ved siden af is a floor plan of a Greek temple. Sculptures and projections together with the floor plan form a total installation specifically created for the space. The artist group takes an interest in cultural exchange and how the view upon what is original and what is copy changes through time. In the exhibition they work with the connection between physical, historical and mental space, and how they influence each other.

The understanding of what is considered genuine and what is a copy changes with time and reflects how power changes hands. With the Grand Tours, (the classical trips to gain cultural insight), knowledge, experience and opinions shifted back and forth between cultures. With this exhibition the artists examine these kinds of cultural swaps, touches and overlaps. Based on travels in Greece and Denmark, the artist group has made an exhibition focusing on fusion, merging and mixing – materially and immaterially.

The exhibition consists of the temple floor plan, plaster sculptures, marble foil, pieces of fabric, recycled building material and projections with video and poems. The artist group draws inspiration from antique sculptures that in some cases were reused as material in buildings and then later found their way to museums. The sculptures have undergone a transformation from colourful, painted figures of Gods into white statues representing classical culture seen from a northern European point of view. They exemplify how a material (marble) can change its status and value through time. The works in the exhibition of plaster, marble and reused building materials point out the flexibility that value and meaning can have, and articulate questions about the hierarchy of materials that we create, and our ideas about what is original.

The pieces of fabrics shown in the exhibition form a contrast to the firmness, hardness and heaviness of the other materials. The fabric is soft and movable, more elusive. It has the ability to hide, fold upon and around another object, cover it completely or partly. The fabric has stiffened up encountering the plaster, frozen into a particular shape. The illusion of movement and softness in the fabric resembles the drapes of antique sculptures with apparently soft folds that are unmovable and hard, carved in marble.

The projections create an immaterial layer in the exhibition. They present video and poetry. The videos respectively show how a landscape and a marble block change appearence over time influenced by light and distance. Author Helene Johanne Christensen has written the poems that are made in dialogue with the physical works of the exhibition. Words and materials partly overlap. The poems provide a view upon the other works and provide a way through words into the matter.

The artists have worked as a group since 2016. Research trips in Greece and in Denmark have been a starting point for the exhibition in Svendborg. The works are collectively made and based upon the gathered research material. “Extend over so as to cover partly” is the group’s first major exhibition. The artists also work independently and make exhibitions with other collaborative projects as well as solo, in Denmark, Greece and abroad. In 2018 author Helene Johanne Christensen joined the collaboration on this exhibition.

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