Installation view

SAMLING # 1 (Samling is the danish word for both gathering and collection)
Nansensgade 47, kld., Copenhagen 2016.
An exhibition and performanceprogram by Mette Borup Kristensen and Ulla Eriksen about collecting something, getting together, and about how things have an impact on each other and what comes out of it.

The starting point of the collection is works that themselves deal with collecting. Collected stones or stones that hold something together are elements of the works. Other works derive from collected dreams, as subconscious ideas of something now being materialized in sculptures and objects with bodily references and inherent performative potentials.

We present the works as elements and sub-elements. Overall, they are a collection of objects/ works/ props. They are foreground and background. We invite other artists to our collection. Felia Gram-Hanssen, Alexander Holm and Kristoffer Raasted use the works/ props/ objects as a score for a concert. Maya Peitersen and El Hombre Invisible perform an archaic singing theatre in two acts with choirs and soloists. Barbara Amalie Skovmand Thomsen interacts with the works in a meditative singing saw session.

Later in the exhibition period, visual artist Kasper Lynge Jensen made an interaction and used the objects/ props/ works together with his own works, thoughts and actions.

The exhibition is supported by the Visual Arts Committee of Copenhagen.

Interactions and events

Kristoffer Raasted performing on the opening, wearing Fury Bosom

Pictures from the performance program on the opening
Performance by Felia Gram-Hanssen, Alexander Holm, Kristoffer Raasted, Ulla Eriksen and Mette Borup Kristensen interacting and activating works in the exhibition.
A meditative singing saw session by Barbara Amalie Skovmand Thomsen.
An archaic singing theatre by Maya Peitersen, El Hombre Invisible and others.


Gathering with stones, event and interaction with the exhibition +  talk by Geologist Asta Fabricius Jørgensen.


Forestillinger – book release and reading by Ulla Eriksen and Barbara Amalie Skovmand Thomsen


Tarot salon – interaction by Kasper Lynge Jensen

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